Friendship Youth

welcome to the well

What is "The Well?"

In John 4:14, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman. This woman was considered to be poor, a stranger to Jesus and an outsider to her community. Jesus welcomed her into his presence and offered her a drink. Not a drink of water that would only last for a short while but a drink that would last for all eternity. Jesus said to her, "...whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life..." 

This is what we desire of our students; to come and to find rest in the presence of Jesus Christ and to drink from His well that gives us life eternal. 

Close Encounters! (Upcoming Events)

May - Movie Night??? 

June 2nd - Creeper Trail  Trip! 

June 10-15th - Time Lab VBS

June 25-30th - Youth Mission Camp - Deep Impact, Nags Head, NC

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What are the FAQ's

What is the size of your youth group? 

We are a small to moderate sized youth group. 

What type of activities do you participate in? 

Friendship Youth participate in a variety of events and activities that include Christian concerts, summer youth camps, mission camps, mission projects, weekly Bible studies and community outreach and service projects. 

Are friends welcome to come with me? 

YES!!!! Friends are ALWAYS welcome!!! Speak to the Youth Pastor prior to events but friends and visitors are always welcome to attend weekly church services and Bible Studies. 

Are people who work with children and youth background checked? 

Yes! Chaperones are background checked and ministry volunteers work with church guidelines and policies to ensure that your child is safe at all times. 

Join us ANYTIME!

Sunday Morning

9 am - Sunday School class focused on Bible Study with Irene Bell

Sunday Night Youth

6 pm - Will it be games? Will it be dodge ball? Will it be something new? Who knows what can happen on Sunday night Youth! 

Wednesday Night Bible / Missions Study

Quiet down and focus on Bible study and what we can do to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ!